Five Considerations When Choosing a Hockey Stick

If you are an avid hockey player, you will eventually be faced with the challenge of buying a hockey stick. There are so many choices out there so it can be very difficult to find the ideal stick to suit you. Here are five considerations you should think about when choosing a hockey stick.

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Think About the Power

The way a hockey stick gets its power is based on how much carbon is present in the stick itself. If the stick has more carbon in it, it will be much more powerful. There are also different technologies for hockey sticks too. The best way to choose the power you want from your hockey stick is to test out different types from different brands using a hockey training drill.

Different Bow Types

There are three different bow types with hockey sticks: low bow, mild bow, and an extreme low bow. If you are a fan of doing different tricks with your hockey stick, then it is best to go for a style that has a lower bow. This will allow you to do aerials and tricks during your game.

Technology Choices

Hockey stick brands these days always boast about how much better their technology is than other brands. In reality, many of the sticks have the same technology but they just change the name. It’s important to remember not to buy into the technology side of a hockey stick too much.

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The best way to test out the different styles of a hockey stick is to practice with a hockey training drill. If these aren’t something you are familiar with and you want to review hockey training drills click here.

The Stick Balance

Many professional hockey players will refer to the balance of the stick itself. When they say this, they are referring to the balance of the stick if you were balancing it on your index finger. You want a stick that has a point of balance between 39cm and 41cm, measuring from the bottom of the hockey stick.

The Weight of the Stick

Weight isn’t as much of an importance as it was when hockey sticks were made out of wood. Most sticks you find these days will be light or even extra-light to make it easier for the player.

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