Don’t let summer days fool you. Be cozy at night in these outfits

Summer days are filled with warmth, sunshine, and outdoor adventures. However, as the sun sets and the temperature drops, it’s important not to underestimate the need for cozy and comfortable outfits during those summer nights. Whether you’re lounging at home, stargazing on the patio, or enjoying a bonfire with friends, the right evening outfit can make all the difference in keeping you comfy and stylish. In this article, we’ll explore some outfit ideas that will help you stay cozy during all the activities that you plan for these summer nights. Read along and make sure you check out Vogue for more outfit inspiration for this summer.

Sweater weather

When the evening breeze starts to roll in, pairing a lightweight sweater with shorts is a perfect combination. I’m sure you’ve seen people on TV rocking the long-sleeve, shorts combination. That’s what you’ll do. Look for sweaters that have a relaxed fit and a cozy but breathable material, such as a Merino wool sweater from the Tara shop. Try to go for neutral tones or pastel shades to make sure you keep the summer vibe. Pair it with comfortable shorts in matching or complementary colors and add some sneakers. This outfit allows you to layer up or down depending on the temperature, making it versatile and stylish while keeping you cozy during those cooler summer nights.

Dress up time

Now if you’re a fan of dresses, you know that maxi dresses are a staple of summer fashion, but they can also be a great choice for cooler evenings. Who says you can’t be cozy and feminine at the same time? To make a cozy outfit you need to choose a flowy maxi dress and pair it with a lightweight cardigan. Now you can decide to go for coordinating colors, some patterns or keep it simple with some neutral tones. The cardigan adds an extra layer of warmth while maintaining an elegant and relaxed look. Make sure you add some accessories and you’re ready to feel like a princess and stay warm on any summer night.

Lounge Sets

Now if you want to be as comfortable as possible, you might want to embrace the cozy vibes to the fullest with a matching lounge set. They are perfect for a clean and cozy look that feels relaxed. And they have that expensive look to them, perfect for the “old money” aesthetic that is popular right now. For this outfit, you want to look for a lightweight fabric and choose long pants or shorts, depending on how cold you usually get. The important thing is to keep them coordinated, that’s what gives the look elegant vibes. Whether you choose a solid color or a playful print, that’s up to you, as long as you keep it looking clean and coordinated.

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