How To Dress Like Your Favorite Movie Character


If you grew up watching way too many movies and TV shows, you’ve probably found yourself at least one in the position of trying to copy a character’s style in real life. Whether it was the cool-girl-next-door or the mafia boss type of character, they were always dressed impeccably and some of them even created fashion trends that are popular to this day. If you want to recreate some of your favorite character’s outfits and need some inspiration, you came to the right place, as today we’ll discuss how to achieve three iconic looks and how to wear them in your daily life.

Rachel GREEN, Friends

Friends is a truly iconic series: it has aired for 10 years, it maintains a high rating of 8.9 on IMDb, and it also introduced to us some of the most well-written sitcom characters ever, one of them being the one and only Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston. Now, there are lots of reasons why Rachel is iconic, but one that undeniably stands out is her amazing style and fashion sense. When the series first aired in 1994, she became a true trendsetter of her time and her outfits inspire models and influencers even today. If you want to build a wardrobe that would look just like hers, mini skirts are an absolute must, as she is seen wearing them in various outfits over the seasons. To make them look more appropriate for a job or other formal settings, pair them with black tights. Fit black dresses are another must-have, especially the strapless ones with a slit that accentuate the body shape. Lastly, don’t forget about turtlenecks: as basic as they might appear, they help create beautiful and comfortable outfits that are great for everyday wear.

Thomas SHELBY, Peaky Blinders

Released in 2013, the Peaky Blinders series quickly gained in the entire world not just thanks to the great plot but also the amazing characters, the most well-known one being Thomas Shelby. One of the main reasons behind his popularity is, of course, his style: tweed, dark colors, three-piece suits, and the iconic flat cap, they all quickly became associated with Cillian Murphy’s character. To dress like that, start by getting a well-fit suit in a dark gray color and wear it with a classic white perfectly ironed shirt. For an extra layer of sophistication, add a waistcoat and a tie. Accessories play the most important role in this outfit: a vintage pocket watch and the Irish flat caps these gorgeous caps we found at  are indispensable for achieving the classy and sophisticated look. As for shoes, a pair of black leather boots or dress shoes will add the perfect finishing touches.

Elle WOODS, Legally Blonde

To say that Legally Blonde is an iconic movie would be an understatement: although it has been more than two decades since it aired, we still quote Elle Woods and know by heart why we can’t wet our hair for at least 24 hours after getting a perm. The best thing about the lead character of the movie is that she is hyper-feminine in her outfits, yet doesn’t let others put her down for it, which is a valuable lesson to learn to this day. To dress like her, pink should obviously be the main color of your wardrobe, whether we’re talking about dresses, skirts, or suits. Sparkles are another must-have, especially when speaking of accessories, as Elle Woods is known for her love for sparkly bags, shoes, and jewelry. To protect your vision and make yourself look and feel more confident, get a pair of oversized sunglasses. The most important thing to look good, however, is to keep in mind:” You must always have faith in people. And, most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself.”

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