Lewis Hamilton is a world-class winner

Lewis Hamilton MBE is a four-time Formula One World Champion and considered by many to be the best driver of his generation; in fact, he is often considered to be one of the world’s greatest drivers in the history of motor racing.

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The success story

Hamilton won his first World Championship title with the McLaren team in 2008. He then joined Mercedes, where he won back-to-back titles in 2014 and 2015 and his fourth World Championship title in 2017. Statistically, he is the most successful British driver in history, with more World Championship titles and race victories than any other British driver in Formula One. He also holds records for the most career points, most wins at different circuits, most pole positions and the grandest slams in a season, and he is not stopping there.

Having gone three races without a win, Hamilton won two recent races and came third at Monaco. His victory at the Spanish Grand Prix, saw him finish more than 20 seconds clear of Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Despite his third place in the Monaco Grand Prix, an article from the BBC explains why Hamilton calls Monaco home. Often referred to as the billionaires’ playground, Monaco is for many the ultimate Grand Prix. Considered one of the most exciting and challenging races of the season, the Monaco Grand Prix is set in glamorous surroundings and winning is the ultimate goal.

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Hamilton currently seems unstoppable and more success seems inevitable. Motorsport racing offers fans a thrilling adrenalin-fuelled experience, making it one of the most popular sports in the world.  For fans wishing to see the legend live in action, just grab yourself some tickets and head on down with your friends and have a memorable day out.

When the conditions are right, Hamilton is unbeatable. One of the country’s most impressive sportsmen, it appears he is getting better and better. Some say his success is partly due to the way he meticulously prepares for each race by mentally studying the car’s performance in detail during the test laps. This is possible because of technology and the Vehicle Tracking that the team has on the cars.  This allows them to keep a record of fuel economy and driver performance.  It also allows the event organizers to know where all the cars are at any one time.  He then feeds this information back to the team’s engineers, demonstrating what a true professional he is and why he is indeed a true legend. If your business has a fleet of vehicles that you need to keep a record of why not check out sites such as https://www.vehicle-accessories.net/vehicle-tracking.

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