Why It’s So Important to Hire a ‘Fee-Only’ Financial Adviser

One key question which always should be asked before going ahead with the services of a financial adviser is: do you receive a commission from the financial products I purchase or investments I choose? This is an important starting point, as it will help you to understand the different services provided.

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Impartiality Is a Key Aspect of a Fee-Only Professional

Impartiality is the main reason that people choose to go with a fee-only advisor. There are fewer conflicts of interest in this choice, and a fee-only professional won’t have the incentive to pitch specific products to you that they will receive a commission for. In terms of those receiving commission, it doesn’t mean they don’t have your best interests at heart when recommending those products, but it may mean they may choose products which might not necessarily be the right option for you, purely because they are being paid a fee.

Fee-only advisors do not receive commissions from the product managers. Their main aim is to offer solid and trustworthy advice in return for either an hourly fee or a retainer payment. A financial adviser who receives only a fee must be a fiduciary, which means they are legally bound to recommend products and services which are solely in the best interests of the customer, and they only receive money from fees paid. Many customers are turning to this option as they realize the benefits of a fee-only advisor.

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Software for Financial Planners Is Available

Professionals who use financial adviser software to operate their businesses may want to update their products. The software can be obtained from various suppliers, including www.intelliflo.com/financial-adviser-software.

According to BBC News, a group of teenagers is learning about how to better manage finances through participation in a course which is aimed at 15- to 25-year-olds.

When advisers are paid for offering professional advice rather than selling products, they may be happy to spend more time offering it. A key point also is to know what you will be paying and why, so it is important to read up on what you require beforehand. A good tip, however, is to avoid those fees which are based on a percentage of the capital, as they can quickly mount up over time and end up eating up a large proportion of investment returns.

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