4 Reasons Why Every Lady Needs To Own a Strand of Pearl

Pearls have always been reigning on the fashion scene since very old times. The oldest piece of this jewel has been dated back to 520 BC when it was discovered in the grave of Persian Princess.

Since this gem has arrived fully-formed straight from the oceanic floors, it carried a certain magical aura around it. No wonder many cultures, across the world, have since then held it very sacredly. It was only around the beginning of the 20th century, Mikimoto Kokichi discovered that the pearls can actually be manufactured in-house i.e. by injecting an irritant in the oyster shell. This revelation gave a huge push to the cultured pearl production.

Since this precious gem is cultured, it is easily accessible and affordable now; it is a reason big enough, why every lady must own at least one original Mikimoto pearl necklace piece as part of her contemporary jewelry collection.

Let us give you another four!

  1. Looks Super Elegant

When it comes to class and elegance, nothing beats the simplicity of a pearl strand. From the formal business meetings to the more relaxed evening parties, it can be literally be paired beautifully with any outfit.

  1. Affordability

Going for the pure gold, silver or the diamond jewelry pieces, involves the huge cost investments. On the contrary, pearls are highly affordable to own.

Want to look modish and sophisticated without burning a hole in your pocket? A pearl strand with matching studs is all that is required to pull off a stunning demeanor!

  1. A pearl is for a lifetime

Unlike semi-precious gemstones like topaz and amethyst, Pearls fall in the category of fine jewelry which includes the other precious gems like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc. to name a few.

With a little care, a high-quality pearl with thick nacre and extremely smooth surface quality can easily last you a lifetime!

  1. A thoughtful gift

Every piece of this fine gem carries a certain emotional value around it. No wonder, it is regarded as a highly thoughtful gift that conveys your love and emotion like no other.

Do not wait for any further and grab a piece of pearl for yourself or someone you love, now!


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