Tips for choosing the right music for your retail store

Music is a mood maker and an important factor in the success of your store, so choosing the right music for your location and customer base is critical. It is often the business owners and employees who decide what is played day by day according to their own mood; however, selecting the right music by tempo, genre and volume can encourage customers to stay longer and make them more inclined to buy.

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Know your genre

In-store music obviously needs to fit your product and clientele. In one study, the use of pop music and classical music was tested in a wine shop; interestingly, classical music led customers to choose more expensive bottles of wine and champagne.

Most retail stores opt for pop music but don’t rely on the obvious top 40 hits. Choose well-liked but not annoying tracks from the last few years and make sure they have positive lyrics. Studies of in-store music also reveal that positive tunes support consumer confidence.

How loud is too loud

Some brands are known for playing their music slightly too loud in store. This has been shown to promote sales, as customers are eager to make their purchases and leave; however, this only works if your brand is already a destination. This is something to bear in mind when considering the in store music found at Mood Media and other specialists. The volume should match the music; in addition, remember that older shoppers are more sensitive to loud music.

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It takes two to tango

You should never underestimate the importance of tempo. The tempo beat and rhythm of a song can motivate shoppers to stay but also affect emotion. Faster music makes us excited, with excitement leading to purchases; however, it may also have negative side effects.

We tend to move more between stores when the music is pumping and linger longer when the music is slow. If your customers are more conservative or if you are selling big-ticket items, you may need them to stay a while.

Plenty of variety

Employee comfort should also be considered; for example, playing the same six tracks in the rotation is sure to make even the most satisfied employee feel a little bored eventually. Whatever music you choose, make sure there is plenty of it.

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