Must Haves for the Man Cave

If you are thinking of preparing your own space to escape, you want to make that space as unique and individual as you. Sometimes we all need to escape the noise and bustle of life to enjoy things that help us to relax and feel satisfied. Whether you are looking for a place to enjoy a quiet beer, watch a sports game without interruption, play video games, or spend time with your friends, here are some items that you will definitely want for your man cave:

4K Ultra HD TV

Be it movies, sports, games, or all of the above that you enjoy, you have to watch it on the best TV available. The best bright colours and sharp images will give you the most enjoyable viewing experience. If you are going to have a cave, then don’t settle for squinting at a small screen!

The best seat

To go with that extraordinary TV, you will want a comfortable seat or what is the point? Think of a luxurious leather executive chair, a large armchair or a luxurious sofa. If you are going to invite guests, make sure you have a comfortable seat so that not everyone is squeezed into a 2-seat sofa, for example. The right choice is the Eames Lounge Chair, available from Pash Living.

Sound around

TV and seating are still only part of the picture. For the best gaming experience, you will want a surround sound system for the clearest and crispest audio. If you don’t fully immerse yourself and feel the walls vibrate with every explosion on the screen, then your man cave is not complete.

Beer fridge

Whether you choose to install the right bar or not, one important thing for man caves is the beer fridge. You can also use it to hide snacks from other family members!

Pool table

For times when you don’t have something to watch, a little side activity is ideal. A pool table will take up a lot of space, so this is only an option if you have an available room. They are great fun, whether practicing alone or competing with your mates.

Game Console

You don’t need to be a diligent gamer to enjoy the benefits of PS4 or Xbox One. They are an entertainment system which means you don’t need a separate DVD player, can access the internet and play movies or content that you like.

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Decorate the Walls

Don’t forget any small decoration is very helpful. Movie fan? Sports fan? Let your walls reflect your personality with posters, framed pictures or even sports shirts that you have collected.

Arrow board

This is a good choice if you don’t have room for a pool table or add it to the wall even if you have a pool table! There will be lots of things to keep you entertained without bad lighting and a stale, smoky atmosphere in an ancient billiard hall.

Sports Equipment

If exercise is your business, then Men Cave is the perfect place to set up a mini-gym. You don’t need to fill your human cave with large and large items that take up a lot of floor space. Consider a treadmill or elliptical machine and some weights.

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