Is it time to change your coolant hose?

We all care about the reliability of our engines – whether they’re in our family hatchback, tractor or sports car. Nevertheless, drivers fall into two groups; those who just want to feel safe, and those that take real pride in engines and want them to be perfect.

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For both, there are simple and relatively inexpensive components that are easy to upgrade – the hoses. Most are part of your cooling system. When hoses come loose, tear, perish or block up, your car overheats and you find yourself on the hard shoulder wondering what to do.

New silicone hoses

Most hoses used to be made of rubber and as we all know, rubber is prone to perishing, melting, burning and even dissolving. Silicone usually out-performs and out-lasts rubber. It is so resilient to high temperatures; you can even buy bakeware made of silicone. Read some of the benefits here:

The cost of quality hoses is low, and the cost of overheating is high (burst radiators, burning oil, seized engines, warped gaskets), so why don’t we all have them? Those who love their engines will be pleased to know that, unlike natural rubber, silicone is available in bright colours.

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Top reasons for upgrading your hoses

Go and give your current hoses a squeeze. If you can feel a faint crackling sensation it’s because your rubber is perishing. Before long you will have a leak, so this is a very good time to invest in a set of silicone hoses from a reputable silicone hose manufacturer such as

If you’ve made engine modifications to improve your vehicle’s performance, there is a good chance you’ve increased the heat generated under your bonnet too. Finish the job by upgrading the hoses as well, thereby reducing the chances that the extra heat will cause you problems in the future.

You may have had cooling or radiator problems and be in the market for a better one. If the old radiator wasn’t up to the job, it’s likely the rest of the cooling system is sub-prime too. It doesn’t make much sense to drop in a new radiator without taking the opportunity to replace those hoses.

And when the time comes to sell the car, what better way to make it look cared for and turbocharged than a bright new set of hoses?

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