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We’ve all heard of Benidorm, Madrid, Barcelona, and Malaga – all amazingly well-known holiday destinations, yet in case you’re searching for something unique and different, think about Cadiz. With sunshine lasting throughout the year, impressive Moorish engineering and some of the most outstanding markets in Spain, this southern Spanish city will have you hooked.

With regards to history, Europe has a lot of contenders for the most seasoned city, yet Cadiz could be the genuine article. Late archaeological examinations have dated the old city walls as far back as the eighth century BC. Here are some more convincing motivations to put visiting Cadiz on your holiday bucket list:

  1. Sun, sun, sun

Summer is long here, so in case you’re happiest in a shirt and shorts, Cadiz will suit you to a tee! Being on the coast, you’ll appreciate the cooling breeze when things get excessively warm. Spring and harvest time are delightful as well, and winter would never be portrayed as cool, with lovely blue skies and pleasant temperatures.

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  1. Local craftsmanship

Craftsmen from all over Spain are attracted to Cadiz for the extraordinary nature of light and the bustling social scene. For a more prominent understanding of the city’s history, a visit to the Museum of Cadiz is an absolute necessity for seeing the subtleties of its Roman and Phoenician roots and an amazing presentation of nearby archaeological fortunes. For flights to Cadiz from Irish Airports, visit

  1. Enjoy the chiringuitos

Any visit to Cadiz ought to incorporate the Playa de la Victoria where you can unwind and sunbathe during the day and slide into the nightlife as sunset brings the bistros, bars, and cafés to life. The chiringuitos are the laid-back shoreline bars that you can bounce between as you chill in evident Cadiz style.

  1. Beautiful chapels

Not one for dull design, Cadiz flaunts some really fantastic holy places. The long history of the city has brought about an entrancing blend of compositional styles, yet the must-see site is the domed Catedral Nueva, perhaps the biggest holy place in Spain with dazzling neoclassical architecture. Make certain to climb one of the Catedral’s towers for the best vistas over the city. Another sight not to be missed is the trio of Goya frescoes in the Oratorio de la Santa Cueva.

  1. Experience the Carnaval

Local people will reveal to you that their carnival rivals anything on earth and it’s an enormous festival to bid farewell to winter and welcome the spring. Ten entire days of celebrating are indulged in, so in the event that you intend to be in Cadiz during the festivals, it’s fitting to book ahead of schedule as people travel from all over the country to be there.

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  1. Stunning environment

The lovely wide-open landscape encompassing Cadiz is certainly deserving of a visit. Here you’ll discover the Donana National Park which is Spain’s biggest national park and boasts a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list. You’ll find pine woods, swathes of beachfront sandhills and the opportunity to spot novel wildlife including falcons and the subtle Iberian Lynx.

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