The Rapid Audit: Local SEO

With the rise of the smartphone, customers are relying on search engines more than ever to guide their decision-making. Because of this, companies are focusing more and more on local search engine optimization (SEO), which boosts their visibility to customers. Performing a local SEO audit is quick and easy and could boost your client base significantly. Follow these simple steps and watch the customers flood in.

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1. Check Your Metadata

Search engines use your site’s metadata to rank listing displays. Metadata is the information that is shown when your page appears in search results. For local SEO, make sure your page title and site description includes the name of your business, your location and industry keywords. To find out what keywords are most searched for your industry, use Google’s Keyword Planner or Wordtracker.

2. Keep Your Contact Information Up to Date

It is crucial that your business’s contact details are displayed prominently. If they are not, customers will become impatient and move on to a listing where contact details are easy to find. Make sure this information is repeated throughout your website.

Furthermore, if potential customers find incorrect or out-dated information about your company, you could accumulate a low citation score, which can push you further and further down the search rankings. You can audit your citation score with a scanner such as the one at

3. Use Local Directories

There are a variety of city directories out there, from City Listings to Yell. While completing a detailed description for these directories may be time-consuming, the results are worth it. The more correct information you include, the higher your citation score will be. You can also drastically improve your rankings by claiming and completing a verified Google+ account.

4. Get the Professionals In

There are many ways to boost your local SEO yourself, and taking a little time to do so could substantially affect your visibility. However, in order to fully optimize your website, hiring a local web designer is a smart move.

If you’re based in Belfast, an SEO Belfast company found at links like, by choosing you’re ensuring your business is in the safe hands of a London website design agency with location-specific knowledge of your industry.

Optimize your website and start your local SEO audit today. A few small changes could make a big difference to your company’s future.

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