Template takeover causes shift in web design industry

Looking at the web design industry today it is easy to detect a shift in the way that things operate, with modern businesses able to choose between either employing an expert Somerset web design agency to fashion a site which has been wholly customized to meet their needs or a template-based service which can theoretically allow anyone to build a site from scratch without any training.

It may seem like the template approach to web design is easiest for SMBs to embrace and could make companies less likely to turn to traditional agencies when taking their first steps into the online marketplace. But is this actually the case or is there in fact room for both options to existing alongside one another in the modern world?

Money Matters

The key selling point of template designs is that aside from the ease of use, they can be deployed more quickly and cheaply by businesses looking for a short term solution to their digital needs.

However, there are SEO implications to consider in this instance, especially in the long term when firms may find that they have outgrown a template-based site and need to migrate to a new platform, which may cause them to lose whatever rank and authority they had achieved.

Google updates its search algorithms and adds new features regularly, with Twitter integration being one of the more recent alterations. And because of this, companies which want to keep on top of the market cannot afford to ignore the SEO implications of any decisions they make when choosing a website.

Custom Benefits

Investing in the aid of web designers in Somerset and getting experts to create a custom site which is attuned to whatever requirements your organization may have can still be sensible and cost-effective, even in the age of template-based services. In addition, an agency will be in the best position to advise you emerging trends, including the debate over responsive design and adaptive design.

Custom sites are better able to grow alongside your business, shrugging off the limitations of the template route and enabling you to better represent your brand online while avoiding the generic feel that some sites can exhibit.

All these considerations and more will be crucial to the decision-making process, especially at a time of flux in the web design industry.

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