The Advantages of Combining VoIP with SIP Trunking

VoIP is increasingly being adopted by businesses around the world. It offers advantages in both cost and flexibility, and these can be boosted still further by combining VoIP with SIP trunking.

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SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows VoIP phones systems to talk to the conventional telephone network. Having a SIP-enabled PBX system eliminates the need for a dedicated ISDN connection for your telephone system, allowing you to use an internet connection instead.

Making Savings

There are a number of ways switching to VoIP with SIP trunking can help you save money. Initially you save on not having to rent an ISDN line. You may also be able to do away with an in-house PBX and host your phone system in the cloud, saving on maintenance and power costs as well as the capital costs.

Of course, you can also take advantage of wholesale VoIP termination rates from suppliers such as, which will cut your call costs too. There are particular advantages here if your business regularly needs to make long-distance or overseas calls.

Other Advantages

Beyond cost savings, there are a number of other benefits to using SIP trunking phone systems too. Because you don’t need a dedicated ISDN line the set-up time is faster, which is an advantage when moving to new premises, for example.

It’s also much easier to scale the system as your business grows or you need to meet seasonal peaks in demand. You can do this without the need to install extra lines because using an internet connection makes it easy to vary the capacity. You are also not having to pay for extra capacity that you aren’t using.

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A SIP trunking system also means that you have greater flexibility with your phone numbers. One central number can be used to access all parts of your business. Conversely, you can have localized dial-in numbers for different parts of the country even if the calls are handled centrally. This makes it easier for staff to work from different locations or from home too.

There are also benefits for business continuity. Should you be forced to relocate due to building damage or any other issues, a SIP trunked phone system can be up and running again quickly from anywhere you have an internet connection available.

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