Top group activities for team building events

Team building activities do not have to be difficult to organize or be the cause of dread and dismay for employees. Great team building exercise will bring out the best in everyone, encourage communication and improve trust, whilst also being enjoyable and a highly positive day out for everyone involved.

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Researchers believe that Stonehenge is the result of one of the earliest team building exercises, and what an impressive result it is. Group activities can be hugely beneficial across a range of industries, but the key is choosing an activity best suited to help each group of people to reach the objectives they have set in advance. If collaboration is a key aim, for example, opting for a competitive activity is likely to completely overpower the day by promoting rivalries over teamwork; in this case, choosing a different activity will be a better option.

Encouraging collaboration

Aiming to ensure everyone is on the same page, collaborative activities encourage creative thinking and team bonding. Each team member should feel encouraged to share their ideas to ensure the team meets a shared objective. A good example of a collaborative activity would be to give the team the materials they need to construct a raft or a tower, or put together a scavenger hunt and see how the dynamics of the group work together to secure the best outcome.

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Get outside

Stepping outside the office environment into something completely different is almost guaranteed to instill a feeling of excitement and curiosity in your team. Unique team building corporate events, and there are quite a few to choose from such as paintballing or orienteering for example, are a great idea and an Events Agency Dublin  will work to ensure each member of the team gets stuck into a new challenge, removing any barriers and promoting clear conversation to achieve a new goal.

A competitive streak

For a team that already works together every day, an activity that brings out everyone’s competitive side can really help to push the team forwards and encourage new ways of thinking that could benefit the whole team back in the workplace. Putting together a bake-off style cooking competition is a great way to unleash your team’s creativity and incorporates a social component – at the end, everyone will have the opportunity to taste each other’s culinary efforts and wind down together.

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