Top tonic syrup flavors for summer

Recent years have seen what can only be described as a gin revolution. The standard gin and tonic combination has ballooned into a veritable smorgasbord of choice, with bars and restaurants often boasting gin menus longer and more complex than the food menu or the wine list! As the gin trend shows no signs of slowing down, we thought we would take a look at the next big thing in the world of gin: flavored syrups to add another level to your G&T. These are perfect for sipping during those lazy, hazy summer evenings.

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Flavored syrups: the basics

What exactly is a flavored syrup and where does it come into the gin and tonic ritual? In its basic form, mixologists the world over are shunning the traditional tonic water for a dash of syrup with sparkling water as the mixer for gin-based drinks.

These post-mix juices don’t shift the flavor palette into the realm of the sweet or sickly; instead, they adhere to the slightly bitter flavor of the once medicinal quinine yet supercharge the gin-based drink into a contemporary and altogether more experimental cocktail.

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Syrups to try

Where shall we start with this exciting new way to drink gin? We had a taste test of some of the best syrups on offer and here are some our favorites. If you like your gin and tonic to taste traditional, opt for syrup with a base of lemon and lime to keep those sour notes. If you want to keep the traditional sour but bring it up a notch, go for syrups that develop the flavor with orange peel, lemongrass, and allspice. These are perfect for expanding your post mix juices horizons.

For the more experimental gin connoisseur, try the botanical-based syrups that topped our taste charts for the post-mix juices at Empire UK. With juniper, rose, blackberry, and hibiscus, these flavors take your G&T to places it has never been before. For extra spice, try syrups that combine clove with the lemon.

Next time you are ordering a gin and tonic, ask the bartender about flavored syrups. A good bartender will be able to make some suggestions and we promise that a whole new era of the gin revolution is about to begin.

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