Why same day delivery is so important for e-commerce

Same day delivery has become much more common in recent years and now many of the major online retailers offer this option. However, some online businesses have not yet realized the potential benefits, so here we discuss why same day delivery can benefit a business and what is involved.

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About same day delivery

With same day delivery, goods can be ordered, collected and delivered within a 24-hour time frame. Obviously, not everything is suitable for this and some large and heavy items fall outside the usual criteria, but in general, same day delivery can be available for many products.

According to industry experts, as same day delivery is becoming the norm, the number of robots used in warehouses is likely to increase from about twenty-seven thousand at present to more than four million by 2025.

Possible benefits of the same day delivery

The major potential benefit for customers is that they are able to place their order at any time and receive the product within 24 hours. The benefits of online businesses and delivery companies are more wide-ranging.

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Online and e-commerce businesses are able to offer their customers a more convenient service that many people today expect as the norm. They do not have to be restricted to certain working hours so they are able to increase productivity generally. This can lead to an increase in profits. Working unrestricted hours can also help if they need to catch up with any backlogs.

Customer feedback is likely to be more positive if the products they order are delivered promptly and if a local e-commerce business uses the same day courier Slough or elsewhere, it can offer same-day delivery at the same time as reducing its own labor costs.

Many delivery services and same day couriers may also benefit from the rise in popularity of same-day deliveries as the volume of their work is set to increase.

Future developments

Currently, the larger online businesses mainly offer same day delivery, but smaller e-commerce companies are now able to compete, even if they do not have their own in-house delivery options, by using a specialist same day delivery company such as this same day courier Slough.

This helps both large and small companies to meet customer expectations and to keep abreast of current commercial trends.

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