3 clothes and accessories that have the best cost per wear


When putting together a wardrobe, whether minimalist or a capsule, we think about investing in good, high-quality clothes and accessories that will not only look good on us but also be long-lasting, so that you can wear them for a long time without them losing their original shape and design. We can say about such clothing that it has a good cost per wear.

This phrase basically refers to how much a garment or an accessory has cost you per time you have worn it. For example, if you buy a festive dress for $200 that you only wear once to a wedding, the cost per wear of this item stays the same, but if you purchase a classic black leather bag for the same price and you wear it 300 days a year, the cost of the bag is now only 0.66 cents per wear. Now that we figured this out, let’s take a look at the 3 best garments and accessories to invest in.

Woolen coat

A classic long woolen coat in a neutral color such as black or beige is a must-have in any wardrobe for the cold season, so buying a good one that you can wear on every cold and rainy day should be on your to-do list for this autumn. For some people, the downside of woolen coats is that you have to constantly take care of them, as they need to be washed and dried a certain way and are prone to getting lint. For keeping your coat just as new so that you can wear it for many years to come, we recommend buying a fabric shaver or a lint remover. You can get them for around $20 on Amazon and they will surely help you look more preppy and put together.

Silk scarf

Woolen scarves are undeniably an important part of one’s wardrobe, especially for the upcoming season, but a silk scarf is a true staple in someone’s wardrobe, regardless of their sex or age. If it is made from the right fabric, such an accessory is soft and luxurious, adding a refined touch to any outfit, no matter how basic it might seem at the first glance. You may get something classic, like a timeless black scarf, or you can go for something more meaningful and colorful, for example, a forest green piece with traditional Celtic motifs. Celtic scarves have been growing in popularity in recent years, but in comparison to the trendy brightly colored purses or shoes on a high platform that will only be popular for a season or two, this piece will make you look and feel elegant while helping you save your money. If you are looking for scarves made of silk or any other material do not hesitate to experiment with colors and patterns as these will totally add elegance and a pop of color to your look.

Leather belt

A belt is something that you wear almost every day, so buying a good one, in a neutral color, and made of high-quality leather is a good investment in your wardrobe. Although it is such a simple and basic accessory, you can make the shopping experience more interesting for you, for example by buying a handmade one from a small business in your city or even purchasing a designer one. Make sure to choose a very universal, timeless piece, preferably without any logos. This way, even if you’re paying $450 for a Gucci belt, if you’re wearing it 250 days a year for 3 years you get a cost per wear of only 60 cents, which is a great deal.

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